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Moscatel grape

Godelleta is one of several wine/agricultural villages of Valencia that grows mainly grapes and citrus fruits and other fruit, including nectarines, peaches, almonds and olives. Located just 30 minutes from Valencia City, the ideal holiday location for you as guest, to get to know the "real" Spain. Our village also has its own wine co-op, meaning that you can purchase white, red and muscatel wine, straight from the tap, buy per litre. This for the wine lovers among us. Go try the menu del dia (dish of the day) in many restaurants in all the villages (week days only) from 6/8 euros for a 3 course meal incl wine and coffee.

Formule 1

Valencia is the third largest city of Spain and does not really have to compete with Madrid or Barcelona. There are several museums; the most famous is "La Cuidad de los Artes, the Museo Fallero and many others. Valencia also has a new zoo, the "Bioparc" that has a large variety of exotic animals. The white sandy beach is worth visiting, especially the part of the Malvarossa. There is also a market on the promenade every summer night. The port next to the Malvarossa is worth visiting. Valencia has excellent public transport, you can easily park at the airport, and there take the Metro subway to the heart of Valencia old town, with its beautifully maintained buildings, monuments and churches don't forget the Bullring and picturesque railway station next door,don't forget to visit the typical indoor market, with a wide range of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and poultry.

Circuit Ricardo Tormo

Only 10 minutes from our complex is the Ricardo Tormo race circuit, known for the word championship motor racing. Also throughout the year, here is always something to do. Ideal for the motor enthusiasts among you. When travelling to us with your motorbike, you can park them behind the gates.

Fallas in Valencia

Not to be missed, the Fallas (the spring festival) in Valencia, they are held between March 15 and 19. A real spectacle, large construction, meters high and constructed dolls (most with a sarcastic wink) of wood and paper. On the last night of the Fallas, these beautiful works are burned in the street . On the 18th is an enormous fireworks spectacle, which even makes the small change in your pockets is ringing. Also every afternoon at 14.00 pm, the "Mascletas" held at the Plaza de Ayuntamiento, The meaning of the mascleta is to create as much decibels with fireworks including a rhythm. Really worth it, but very loud! (mind the children)

Tomatina in Buñol

Actually behind the mountain, about 10 minutes away, lies the lovely village of Buņol with old Castle with stunning views over the old town. Each year they hold the famous "Tomatina". They have a tomatoes fight in the streets this takes place on the last Wednesday of August people from all over the world come to this event. Highly recommended for adults. NOT for children!

The nature reserve "Albufera" is worth a visit, this large nature park offers several tours, on foot or by boat, where the beautiful fauna and flora of Valencia can be admired, surrounded by rice fields, where the original "Arroz Valenciana" is grown, for the most typical dish in the region, the paella.

On the right side, we give you some direct links, which give you a picture, what's to do in and around Valencia. You'll see that you won't have time to get bored.